Weather in Botswana

Botswana is a semi arid region in the southern part of Africa, covered by 70% from Kalahari desert .

The climate is warm and dry for the most part of the year, excepted for the Summer time from November to March, when temperatures are very high and rainfalls are very short.

Rainfalls in Botswana are abundant in the North-East region of the country, where they create an unique ecosystem, the Okawango Delta.

The biggest rainfall period is between January and February.

botswana okawango delta safari
botswana okawango delta safari

From May to August is winter season, and is the best time to visit this beautiful country because during the day the heat is tolerable. But be careful in the night, and carry some heavy clothes with you, because tempetures can drop down of many degrees. During this period the average night temperature are of 5 degrees.

We advice to visit during the period from April to September, where the climate is more mild and the low vegetation allows to spot wild animals easily

weather in botswana

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