The electronic visa (eVisa) for Kenya will become mandatory for visitors from all countries from January 2021.


Actually more than 140 different countries are allowed to require e-visa for Kenya, which is a streamlined process to quickly and easily obtain authorization to enter into the country. This will be soon expanded to include all travellers who does not currently have access.

Kenya’s government is looking forward to digitalize all the burocracy. And as assured by the Interior Minister, the online Kenya eVisa system will issue 100% of visas starting on January 1.

Follow this link to apply your E-visa for Kenya: E-visa application official link


From 2021, the Kenya eVisa platform will be the only way of obtaining a visa for Kenya.

All applications will be made online and the travel document will be delivered to the foreign visitor by email.


Which are the methods to get the visa today?


  • Applying visa at an embassy or consulate

  • Applying for a visa on arrival

Both of these methods will be soon considerated old. Due to this, these services are being discontinued.

Going to an embassy or consulate to apply your Visa takes time and money. And the application process requires more evaluation time than a digital Visa.

Also, applying for a visa on arrival, means spending a long time at border control and if, for some reason, the application is rejected, the traveler will be forced to return home.

The eVisa introduction’s delete all these issues by providing an application in advance. So every problem with the travellers, can be solved before the arrival in Kenya.


Remember, starting from 1st January 2021, all foreign visitors traveling to Kenya must apply for an eVisa online before board their flights.

See you in Kenya, Safari Njema!