Covid 19 is the worst pandemic the world has faced since 1918. The virus seems hard to fight, and it comes back in periods making nations fall into panic and emergency. How about Africa? How about Botswana? Africa looks like living a better situation but the problem is quite controversial, because  there are not enough means to collect data. Has Covid really affected this continent less? Or is it just a hidden trouble still to be discovered?

Covid situation in Botswana

General data say in Botswana, so far, there have been 10,742 positive subjects, 34 victims only and over 7,900 healings. We do not know if these numbers are real, but the Government of the nation seems very careful and committed to the management of the problem. The official web site of Botswana Government says, about Covid pandemic: since February 2020 we have done
  • a massive public education through mass media
  • screening points and diagnosis detections
  • rapid tests and self-quarantine for non symptomatic positive subjects
  • strict isolation for symptomatic subjects
  • local lockdowns
  • social distancing and hygiene measures as requested.
The web site of the Government also gives useful instructions about how to treat Covid symptoms at home, how to understand when they get worse and you need to go to hospital.
follow anti covid rules

Tourism and Covid in Botswana

Are you planning a trip to Botswana during Covid pandemic times? Is it possible? The Government of that nation has put a useful handbook online (here), so to let tourists know about the situation and how to face it. The handbook is mainly for workers of tourism, for hotel and restaurant owners and other employees of that job field. But foreigners can look at it so to know if and how the safety rules are respected.
In November 2020, Botswana opened its borders again to welcome African tourists. All foreigners arriving to Botswana had to follow the standard anti Covid rules (tests, social distancing, masks, short quarantine). It is possible that the opening to international tourism from Europe and Asia will be postponed to March or April though the situation is constantly changing. Before entering Botswana you need: a negative Covid test done 3 days before your arrival, fill in a self-certification form about your being negative to any symptom, an address and phone number so to be traceable on the nation’s territory. You might be asked to do a test at your arrival.
You will also need to face a 10-day time quarantine, in case of symptoms, and a second Covid test at your own expense. If you cannot afford the expense, if you do not accept the quarantine you will not enter Botswana. We suggest you contact your embassy or consulate at Gaborone before you leave, so to always be informed about any possible change in the local situation.

More advice

Botswana should be a restricted area for 5 or 6 more months, but new openings could happen soon as for tourism. It still remains a risk place and you must ask your embassy or consulate for updated information about the Covid situation over there.
Even though Botswana opened again its borders to international tourism, you shall be asked to respect the anti Covid rules a little longer. So remember: wash your hands, use disinfectants all the time, use your mask and social distance. Be careful about any possible symptom and make sure you have a good health insurance before you start any kind of journey.
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