It seems Africa is reacting in a good way to the Sars COVID pandemic, in 2020. While in Europe and America, and in some lands in Asia, the disease is creating millions of contagions and thousands victims, the great African continent shows very low number figures. Can we trust this? Are we sure there is such a low risk in the savannah?
It is not easy to have the real “numbers” from the African states, because it is difficult to reach and inform all the people in the different regions. So there might be a real danger. But it is also true that Covid infection hits hard where pollution already makes the population sick. And Africa has no big problems with that.
What about Rwanda? What about a safari over there during this Covid era?
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Covid in Rwanda

Rwanda has gone against the tide, as far as Sars COVID is concerned. While the world was facing hard days and lockdowns, Rwanda had very low contagion rates. Numbers increased in July, August and September. From late October, though, they started to drop and in November they were low again. So, as the rest of the world is facing the “second wave” Rwanda seems to have a better situation. The government reopened offices, restaurants, hotels and schools and the people are back to a “semi normal” life. There are about 6000 contagion cases recorded in the whole nation, right now. But of course things can change anytime.
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Anti Covid protection in Rwanda

The rules to protect against COVID are the same, in Rwanda as well: wash your hand, use disinfectants, keep a safe distance, do not shake hands, wear a mask on your face. Besides this, the government has established rules for people who arrive in Rwanda from abroad. Before entering the Rwandese territory, travelers must show a Covid Negative Test, taken no more than 120 hours before the flight.
As soon as they leave the arrival airport tourists must stay in a quarantine inside their hotel and never leave the room until they have a new test done. So if you are planning a trip to Rwanda make sure you include the qurantine period in the time of your stay. After quarantine you will be allowed to move and have your visits and holiday, but remember to respect the curfew and the restrictions – that can be changed anytime! If you must have a Covid Test done in Rwanda you will pay for it.

More information

Make sure you have a good health insurance because Rwanda is not well organized as for hospital care and many medicines cannot be found on the national territory.
Make sure you understand and respect the few anti COVID rules, because violations are punished. The cash fine will not be a problem (50000 RWF=43 Euros, or 50 US Dollars) but you could also have to face a period in jail. The Rwandese police may not be that nice, so do not try!
More information about COVID rules in Rwanda can be found at this page.
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