Come to Sibiloi National Park and discover your most ancient roots, as a human being. This wonderful area of 1570 sq km, on the eastern shore of Lake Turkana in Kenya, in fact is the habitat of many animals and also the place where archaeologists have found bones of prehistoric human beings. A safari here is an adventure into history, the perfect place where nature and men meet, the first page of our eternal story. The area became a National Park in 1973 already, but in the 1990s it also became a part of UN World Heritage.

About Sibiloi National Park

The Park consists of a dry, semi desert land bordering the famous salt lake Turkana. It stretches up to Mount Sibiloi, an extinct volcano, and other craters nearby. Along these dusty prairies many animals live and hunt, but once also men used to live and hunt over here. This region is called, in fact, the “cradle of Humanity”. This is the place where most of our ancestors’ remains were found during the past two centuries.
dry lands of Sibiloi

What to see at Sibiloi

Lions, leopards, hyenas, kudus and topis are the most interesting wild animals of the Park. But many other species, typical of the African charming nature, have their home and shelter here. You will certainly see Nile crocodiles, a large variety of snakes, zebras, Grant gazelles, hippopotami and hundreds beautiful birds.
Besides animals, at Sibiloi you must visit the archaecological parks, like Koobi Fora district. Here, over 100 excavations have allowed the world to find fossil human bones of australopithecus, homo habilis, homo sapiens, homo erectus. This is the page of our human story starting about 2 million years ago!
As for modern men, instead, tourists who visit Sibiloi Park can admire and meet the local tribes. The people of Turkana, Gabra and Dassanach will welcome you and help you understand their tradition and lifestyle. There is a lot to see and to remember, if you come safari at Sibiloi.

More information

At Sibiloi National Park you can go on safaris, archaeologic safaris, fishing safari as well – on the Lake Turkana. You are allowed to camp inside the Park, to go birdwatching and animal viewing. You can also enjoy a boat trip on the lake or a day-trip at the local tribes’ villages. In order to do that, you shall pay a entrance ticket of 20 US Dollars (10 Dollars for children). The Park is open every day.
Set 800 km away from Nairobi, the best means to get to Sibiloi is airplane. You will land at two airstrips which belong to the Park itself. You can also reach Kalokol Town, on Lake Turkana, by car or bus from Nairobi and then get to the National Park by boat. Very few people try to get to the Park by car: roads are not in good condition and the way is far too long. It takes 3 full days drive, from Nairobi to Sibiloi. Definitely not recommended unless you are fond of wild adventure!
sibiloi 02
zebras at Sibiloi