In 1986, the Kenyan government established the Mombasa Marine Park with the aim of protecting both the corals and the seabed off the coast of Mombasa. The result is a wonderful marine park characterized by warm waters (25 to 31°C), including a long, beautiful tourist beach and the nearby city of Mombasa as well. They are a part of this protected area also the lagoon, the Bamburi-Nyali reef and the corals’ habitat. The clear water of the Ocean and the particular fauna that lives in there, make this reserve one of the paradises for scuba and snorkeling in the world.

About Mombasa Marine Park

This park consists of a submerged part and the coast before it. The park is 10 sq km, while the marine reserve is 200 sq km. The part of  Ocean included in the reserve is bordered by the mouths of two rivers: Mtwapa Creek and Tudor River. Among fishermen villages, tourist lodges, great beaches and corals, Mombasa Marine Park offers the most incredible underwater views ever. And also a safe protection for an environment so delicate and wild.
mombasa marine 1
the marine park

What to see at Mombasa Marine Park

The most beautiful part of the reserve is underwater, of course. The corals are among the most charming of Africa, especially those of the Acropora, Turbinaria and Porites species. As for other inhabitants of this piece of Ocean, you will certainly see crabs, sea urchins, jelly fishes, sea stars and turtles. It is not strange to meet dolphins, parrot fish, caranx fish, enchelycore pardalis. If you love scuba diving, this is the perfect place for your holiday. You can stay at one of the many hotels and lodges along the beach and explore the seabed anytime.

Activities at the Park

Besides scuba diving and snorkeling, you can just get tanned on the beach or enjoy a swim in the Ocean. You can live a normal tourist life, going shopping and also exploring the villages  or reaching the city of Mombasa for much livelier events. You can practice many sports, especially sea sports: windsurf, surf, water ski, boat sailing. Of course you cannot go fishing, here. Nor can you sail your boat too close to the coral reefs. Strict rules will stop you also from swimming too close to corals. If you love birds, birdwatching is another activity you can enjoy at the Marine Park. Many sea birds fly over the reserve, and some also land and find their habitat on this coast.

How to get there

Not far from the big city, Mombasa, the Marine Park is connected both to the city centre and to the other famous tourist beaches by modern roads that allow fast trips, to and fro. Of course Mombasa is your reference point for any means of transport: Mombasa’s airport is the airport you will use, so is the railway station. In Mombasa, many tour operators will organize for you the particular “sea safaris” in order to let you discover the wonderful submerged universe. You will live an extraordinary experience.
mombasa marine 2
tropical fish at Mombasa Marine