In the heart of Kenya, there is Meru. The National Park established in 1966 is today one of the most famous in the world, and certainly the most appreciated by tourists, after Maasai Mara. In Meru National Park you will find every single animal symbol of Africa, it is a paradise for wildlife, a small planet full of wonders. This was the homeland of Elsa, the lioness protagonist of the film “Born Free”. It really existed and now rests somewhere over there, among forests, wide plains and bush. Come have safari in Meru National Park … the best place in Africa for that.

About Meru National Park

Meru National Park is a large territory covering 870 sq km, at an altitude of 1000 up to 3400 metres. You find many kinds of landscape, here: rain forests, bush, savannahs, plains. And many species of animals, too. There are many zebras and giraffes, at Meru. You especially will meet Burch’s Zebra and Grevy Zebra. As for giraffes, the most famous are the Maasai Giraffe and the reticulated one. The “big five” African animals have their home at Meru, as well: lions, elephants, leopards, buffalos and rhinoceros.
Meru, in particular, is part of the Lion Conservation Unit of Africa. But during your safaris at the park you could also meet cheetahs, hippos, crocodiles, warthogs and antelopes. Over the park, fly everyday 300 different species of birds. Among them: kingfishers, finfoot, harriers, and birds of prey. The stunning sunsets, the open spaces, the smells of this land are part of the magic many tourists are looking for, when they book a safari here. This is not just Kenya. Meru IS Africa.
giraffes at Meru

What to do at Meru

Safari is the main activity at Meru National Park and the most promoted. If you come here, you come to admire animals and landscapes. What else? But this park is well organized in order to let foreigners have the best time of their lives. Among the activities you can do: camping inside the park, not so far from the most famous animals’ habitat; explore the territory by walking; sail  one of the many rivers of the park with expert guides by your side; you can also visit naturalists Adamson’s house, where Elsa the Lioness lived. Of course part of the park was set for the film’s scenes.

When to go

Meru National Park is a very rainy place, maybe the place in Kenya with most rain ever. The “wet” seasons are April to June and November-December. Temperatures are quite hot, humid, typical of a semi arid zone. The best time to visit Meru, and to book your safari there, is from July to October.

How to get there

Meru is 348 km away from Nairobi. There are two main roads that allow you to get there by car. But the trip is too long and the condition of the streets not so good at all. The best way to reach Meru, so, is by airplane. You will land at one of the many air fields around the park: Kina, Mulika or Elsa Kopje are the most used.
In order to enter the park, you will have to pay a ticket of 30 US Dollars (20 for children).
giraffes at Meru