When you hear of Arabuko Sokoke you immediately imagine the rain forest. Because Arabuko Sokoke actually is the largest and most beautiful rain forest in East Africa, but only a small part of it becomes the Arabuko Sokoke National Park. This protected area, not far from Malindi (10  km) is one of the most loved also because it is very close to Watamu beach. Tourists from all over the world come to enjoy the spectacular Watamu sea, and when they are over there they love to organize safaris in the surroundings. Arabuko Sokoke National Park is a must!

About the Park

Arabuko Sokoke National Park only occupies 6 sq km of the larger rain forest, inside Kilifi County, Kenya. It had been declared a protected natural area back in 1943 and became a National Park in 1980. This small land welcomes many wonderful animals. Some of them are typical of the place and you cannot find them anywhere else. Only in Arabuko you will meet the dwarf elephant, the elephant-shrew, the wild cat of Arabuko.
This is also home to buffalos, monkeys of many species, baboons. Birds are a typical attraction of the Park. Many of them gather over there at sunset or at dawn, or in the hot part of the day in order to drink. You can admire Clark’s weaver, Amani Nectarine, Sokoke’s Pipit Bird and many others. The vegetation, as said before, is mainly rain forest, a few open plains here and there. There is an artificial lake created by the Kenyan government. It allows animals to find water easily. And it also allows tourists to admire them as they drink.
the rain forest of the park

What to do at Arabuko Sokoke

You come to Arabuko Sokoke National Park by safari in order to admire animals and do birdwatching. You can take photos, watch wild animals and follow them during their normal life in the park. You can also camp at Arabuko. Not inside the Park, though, but on the border, not far from the Park’s Board offices. Do not miss the wonderful panoramic point over Mida Creek. Ask your guide for the best way to reach it.
If you are a tourist at Arabuko you can also visit the surroundings. Tourists usually stay at the nearby towns and villages, many come directly from Watamu. You will enjoy the beaches, the organized tours at Malindi, the visit to other parts of the Arabuku Sokoko rain forest, all around. If you want other emotions, the Tsavo East National Park is not so far from Arabuko.

How to get to Arabuko

In order to get to Arabuko Sokoko National Park take as your reference town Malindi. You can get there by the motorway from Mombasa, or from the coastal road reaching Watamu. From Watamu, follow the directions to Gede, a small village where the main entrance to Arabuko is set. You will be asked to pay a entrance ticket and to hire a local guide in order to walk through the park in a safe way.
wildlife at the park