When you come to Kenya, you see that everything looks like a paradise on Earth. But if you are in Watamu you might believe this is just paradise forever, and maybe decide to stop here. Watamu, in fact, was born after the decision of an Irish family who wanted to settle there, which was not in their original plans. But the beauty of this place is stunning, and the opportunities you will enjoy as a tourist will let you feel it throughly.
Watamu is a small fishermen town, set 115 km away from Mombasa and 15 km away from Malindi, on the beautiful coast of Kenya. Its municipality includes rivers, creeks, forest and two country villages which are typical of the kenyan culture. Tourists stop here as they go to – or come from – their safaris, just to relax and meet the “real” Kenya. Will you be one of them?

Watamu, village of white sands

Watamu was just a wild coastal place  where a few fishermen lived in their huts, until 1937. That year, an Irish family was saved after a shipwreck off its shores and cured by the local people. The family fell in love with the place and the local tribe and decided to settle there forever. Their house was the first of many others, so a small lovely town was born. Different from other tourist towns in Kenya, Watamu has kept its original beauty, its real African roots. It emerges from the vegetation, overlooking long, wonderful, white sandy beaches.
Tourists are welcome … as long as they respect the nature of this village.
typical local boats

The perfect place

Watamu is the perfect place for organizing safaris. Tourists can stay in the village, enjoy the beach and the Ocean and start from there their trips to the beautiful wild lands, all around. At Watamu you can have a swim at Short beach, Garoda beach. You can explore the so called “Watamu Bay” and find out the incredible Turtle Bay, or the Blue Lagoon beach. Between Turtle Bay and Blue Lagoon there is a narrow sandy line ending in a rock, Kibirijini Promontory. If you prefer rocky beaches, your place is Kanani. Off the coast, divers will enjoy the submerged life of the coral reefs!
There is not that much to see in Watamu village, but its surroundings offer a lot. You can visit the archaeological ruins of Gede Village, or the mangrove forest along Mida Creek, or also Bio Ken Snake Farm, a snakes sanctuary where to meet and learn about these reptiles. From Watamu start all safaris leading to Arabuko Sokoke Forest, one of the most beautiful rain forests of East Africa. Of course it is a protected area, heritage of UN board. Safaris also go to the Tsavo National Parks, in particular the main goal here is Tsavo East. So, what can you ask for more?

How to get there

Watamu is the place to visit! And you can easily get there, both from Mombasa and from Malindi. International flights land in Mombasa, 115 km away from Watamu. But there are regional buses taking tourists to these beaches. The safari tours usually offer Mombasa-Watamu bus transfers associated with your arrival at Mombasa Airport. You can also take a local flight from Mombasa and land at the small Malindi airport. This is closer and you will reach Watamu by taxi, rented car or bus in 30 minutes.
sunset over watamu