Say Kenya and imagine two pitures: wild, wide plains and proud warriors. This is maybe the most touristic state in Eastern Africa, as for safari and animal watching are concerned. A magic land of contrasts, it goes from the sea to the mountains, from a hot African climate to rainy cool highlands and woods. The connecting thread of all that is wildlife. The most beautiful animals of the African continent live here, or pass through this territory. Safari in Kenya is the traditional trip to Africa everyone would love to do.
As a nation, Kenya started to exist from the 12th century on, as the Arab merchants arrived on these shores and started building cities. They had to mix with Bantu and Masai people, who had been living and ruling over the territory for ages. A former British colony, Kenya has been independent since 1963. The beautiful capital city is Nairobi.

Nature in Kenya

The land of many natural protected areas, Kenya today has at least 25 National Parks but over 60 natural reserves that could become “national” in the future. Almost all its territory consists of wild nature,  landscapes and views it offers are the most stunning in Africa! Sunsets, especially, are the main attraction of the safari trips, which were “invented” right here. The most beautiful and famous of Kenyan National Parks is Amboseli. But also Tsavo National Parks, Mt Kenya and Mombasa Parks deserve the world’s attention.
Amboseli was founded in 1974, it is 390 sq km large and consists of wide plains of bushy savannah and a few small woods every now and then. This is the Masai people’s land and also the paradise for many typical African animals: elephants, giraffes, buffalos, wildbeests. The shape of volcano Kilimanjaro is the perfect and continuous background of the local views. The oldest park in Kenya is Aberdare (1950), set on the beautiful Aberdare Mountains. Mombasa Park is a marine natural reserve, for original sea safaris. Over 3000 mt high, Mt Kenya National Park protects the local mountain’s fauna. The Tsavos Parks host zebras, monkeys, rhinoceros, cheetahs and lions.
African elephant and balloons

Cities in Kenya

Nairobi is the most important city and the most beautiful too. The “capital of Safaris” in the world, it is a lively, modern, bright city of over 4,5 million inhabitants. It is surrounded by a small National Park which allows you to admire wild animals with skyscrapers in the background! Nairobi has 3 airports, the most important of which is Kenyatta International Airport, the largest in east Africa. Mombasa is the most ancient city of Kenya. A beautiful seaside city set on a small island off the coast of the continent, shows its lovely colonial architectures.
Malindi is a large town representing the typical “old African” place. Here people still live on agriculture and fishing and most part of the houses are made with natural elements (wood, straw, mud…). Watamu is the tropical and exotic picture of Kenya and its wonderful sea. It is a small seaside town, facing white sandy beaches and a light blue water where tourists love to swim. Kimana is not a real city, it is a village but it is the closest “town” to Amboseli National Park.

Information about the Country

The international airport is Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi. To move throughout Kenya you can use national flights, which are comfortable and numerous since Kenyans love to fly. You can rent cars but we suggest you better travel by local buses or you just book your safari or trip with a local guide. This is definitely the safest way to visit the Country.
The most beautiful tourist beaches in Kenya are: Malindi, Mombasa, Watamu and Diani.
The local money is the Kenyan Shilling (1 Ksh = 0,0078 Euros).
kenya nairobi
view of the capital