When a newly crowned Queen Elizabeth II came to visit Uganda in 1954 her short stay at the – then named – Kazinga National Park became an event. Such a great one that the Park’s board decided to rename it after the young British sovereign. The Park had been established only two years earlier  and today it is one of the most beautiful paradises for animals, in Uganda. A safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park will lead you inside the very heart of Africa, through its wildlife and spectacular nature.
Still, you will be close to two important lakes, Lake Edward and Lake George, and have the possibility to even sleep into the wild nature thanks to some of the most beautiful tourist lodges in eastern Africa. Do not miss the chance, if you can. Queen Elizabeth National Park is a lovely adventure to experience.

About Queen Elizabeth National Park

Over 1978 sq km of surface, Queen Elizabeth National Park spreads along the bed of the Kazinga Channel connecting Lake Edward to Lake George. The landscape is the typical African scenario every tourist will expect, though the altitude is different – 980 m a.s.l. .
This park offers the stunning view of the brightest sunsets ever, and the possibility of admiring different species of monkeys. Besides monkeys, here you will certainly meet the typical African animals: leopards, chimpanzees, elephants, hippos, buffalos and lions. But pay attention to these ones, especially.
Queen Elizabeth National Park‘s lions are the famous “tree climbing lions”. While their “cousins” will hunt their prey only by running and stop as soon as the victim will jumps on  branches, these lions can climb trees and chase other animals up there! This is quite dangerous, so you can only go safari over there with safe organized trips, and with local guides.
queen eliz 2
tree climbing lions

What to see, what to do

You come to Queen Elizabeth National Park in order to admire animals and take photos of the beautiful “tree climbing lions”. But animals are not the only attraction of this land. You will have the possibility to explore the grasslands, the forest by the Kazinga Channel’s shores, or take a trip by boat on  the channel itself. It is possible to go on “lake safaris” or to go shopping in the exact point where the Equator crosses Uganda!
You might admire the lodge where young Queen Elizabeth II lived while visiting the Park, or enjoy – and even stay at –  another lovely lodge: Mweya, on Lake Edward’s eastern shore. Here you will also find pools, hotels, restaurants and many other services. More things to do, at the Park, are certainly bird watching (over 600 species of birds), balloon safaris over the wildest area, cultural tours too. These special safaris will allow you to meet the local dancers and listen to the tribes’ story, or look at them as they dance for you. Do not miss an adventure to Kyambura Gorge, a 100 metres deep valley where most part of the Park’s primates live. Local salt mines, instead, offer the visit to wonderful salt sculptures at the local museum.

How to get to the Park

Your reference airport is still Entebbe. From there, and from the capital city Kampala, you get to Queen Elizabeth National Park by bus or rented jeep cars. It takes 5 or 6 hours to drive from Kampala to the Park, but the road is comfortable and paved. A dusty country road also connects the Park to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.  Safaris of 3, 7 or 8 days will let you go from a lake to the other via Kazinga Channel.
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wildlife at queen elizabeth park