A National Park but also a World Heritage to protect. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, or Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a real natural monument, the pride of Uganda. Ninety per cent of its territory consists of dense, tropical forests that hide the most beautiful and rare animals. Going through those forests is difficult, and certainly you can only go on foot, that is why it is “impenetrable”. And that is why tourism and safari have not disturbed the local animals yet, many of which risk extinction.
If you have booked a trip to Bwindi Impenetrable make sure you face your adventure with open mind. Listen to your guides, respect the rhythm of nature and animals, do not try to do things on your own. Enjoy the wild beauty of this National Park being aware of walking inside a real paradise. A different way to do safari, a precious experience to keep in your memory forever.

What to see at Bwindi

At Bwindi Impenetrable National Park you will find the wildest heart of Africa. This is how Africa, and the world itself, should have looked like long before humans appeared. You will admire the forest as a great green monument, and meet the animals it keeps and protects. Monkeys are the first animal community, over there. Chimpanzees, gorillas, mountain gorillas especially, and other small mammals are the most important attraction of the Park. You will meet vervet monkey, red-tailed monkey and other primates too. You might have the chance to get very close to jackals, wild golden cats, African civets and of course antilopes and elephants. Over 350 species of birds and 200 different species of butterflies complete the magic world of Bwindi.
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impenetrable forest

The mountain gorillas

The rare species of mountain gorillas are the most important tourist attraction at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. These gorillas are taller, darker and shier than normal gorillas. Males may have a silver fur on the back, which makes them unique! Uganda is the nation that keeps the largest number of mountain gorillas, over 1000. At Bwindi you can meet 400 of them. In order to go on walk safaris to meet these gorillas, you must first ask for special permission which will be associated to your group and guide. So to be sure you will not disturb or cause damage to the animals’ environment. You cannot touch gorillas but you are allowed to get close, after your guide’s permission.

What to do at Bwindi National Park

You can enjoy many activities at Bwindi Impenetrable. Of course you will walk in the forest and meet the animals, or you can do bird watching, mountain bike trips along with your guides. You will share daily life experiences with some of the local tribes, though many of them now live outside the Park’s area. Mountain gorilla safaris are special trips that will take you very close to these beautiful animals. At Bwindi you can sleep inside the Park, at local lodges and tented camps. Or stay at Buhoma and Nkuringu, the small towns where most of the safairs are organized.

How to get there

You get to Bwindi by airplane from Entebbe. Your flight will land at Kihihi or Mbarara airports. Then you will take the local buses to the Park. The cheapest journey is by bus, from Kampala. It takes 6 hours to arrive, though, and often  in tiring and uncomfortable conditions.
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mountain gorilla