Like Tanzania and Kenya, Uganda is also the “safari state”. Its incredible landscapes, its wildlife, its 10 beautiful National Parks but especially the great Lake Victoria make it a real paradise for tourism. And Uganda needs tourism. How is this nation facing the problem of the pandemic Covid 19 ? It may sound strange but this is one of the “luckiest places” as far as this event is concerned. Newspapers call it “the weird Uganda case”, because after 4 months of pandemic emergency Uganda only had 1000 Covid-positive people. Some of them were in hospital,but only 2 died – at least as updated to July 2020! So it seems you can trust Uganda and plan your trip over there. But let’s see it in detail.

Uganda’s anti Covid reaction

The immediate reaction of Uganda against the Covid 19 pandemic was a strong one. As soon as the W.H.O. delcared the quarantine period, the Ugandese borders were closed. This means every single person who tried to cross them was arrested or sent back home. Later on, people were checked by doctors and – only if negative to the virus – they could enter Uganda. Not so many local people had bad symptoms and not so many had to go to hospital as well. Uganda definitely has the best situation, as for the pandemic development.

This made the people easily forget the rules, though, and soon the safety measures were not used anymore. Anyway, the Government kept the borders closed and very strict laws stop suspect sick people from walking in the nation. This makes Uganda a safe Country and tourism can start again. Tourists must face checks and tests before being sure to go on with their trips, but this is a small and useful sacrifice everyone can do


National Parks help Ugandese tourism

Even if Uganda has the best situation and the lowest danger of infection, tourists still do not arrive. Many of them cannot leave their own nations, others are scared, others do not know what to do. Uganda has lost over 1,5  billion dollars for the stop to the tourist activities and now they want the world to know this is a safe place.  Maybe you could avoid the cities, the main tourist events, but you can still enjoy safaris.

Small groups can be taken around by local guides (all guides must be tested Covid negative before they approach people) and the National Parks are the best places to visit. The Government is promoting incentives to National Parks so tourists can enjoy discounts and advantages (free entries for example) if they choose a safari over there. The wide, open spaces of the mountains, woods, plains and the territory around Lake Victoria protect tourists from too close distances. So they can have nice trips with no Covid danger.

Information about Covid in Uganda

In order to have useful information and updates about Covid 19 situation in Uganda, tourists can always check their own Government’s websites and ask before they leave. Or they can call their embassy in Kampala. Please, do check the website which is the direct line to the local situation of the pandemic.






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