You might never hear real news about Covid 19 coming from Africa. The problem with this giant continent is that not all nations have means and organization to face the emergency of this pandemic event. So maybe million people are positive to Covid 19 but they will never know it. Most of them will never do any quarantine or respect a distance. How can your next trip to Africa be really safe? You must just follow the rules your Government gives from time to time and use them even when you are abroad. They are easy and simple actions that can save your life: wash hands, use sanitizers, cover your face when you are in crowded places, do not shake hands (or do it and then wash).

Tanzania and Covid 19

Tanzania had its first case of Covid 19 in March 2020. The Government continued giving news about the pandemic during the whole quarantine imposed by the World Health Organization. The result was that in two months Tanzania had 509 sick people, 183 healed, 21 dead, others never showed any symptom. As the W.H.O. ended the world quarantine, Tanzania stopped giving news about Covid 19, so tour operators do not really know about the situation over there. The nation anyway reopened its airports to tourism on May 18, 2020.

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Tanzanian coast

A trip to Tanzania after Covid

Many western Governments still stop Tanzanian people from coming to their own Countries. The problem is no one really knows about the pandemic situation in Tanzania. The African nation however welcomes everyone. The only security measures against the virus are: the required Covid negative test and a special Visa before entering Zanzibar’s territory. Hotels, travel agencies and tour operators must make sure their staff is negative to tests and has been doing a short quarantine (14 days) before  going back to work. According to the local Government, all tourist structures are forced to to this. Schools reopened on June 23rd, and so far it seems there are no Covid cases declared.

Recent updates

Recent updates – 12th July 2020 – have brought new doubt about the real numbers of Covid 19 in Tanzania. The Arabic news network Al Jazeera has interviewed both sick people and journalists who suffered censorship because of writing about the virus. Is the Government hiding the truth? How should tourists behave? Maybe the only thing you can do is wait for a few weeks more, before you plan your safari in Tanzania. Or, if you must go now, make sure you use all security measures and hygiene advices your Government gives you. In case you decide to go, do not choose crowded places. Prefer safaris for small groups, open spaces, mountain climbing or relax in a tourist village. Just you, the sea, and your hotel room! For any useful information, please contact your own Government’s websites and the specific pages concerning Africa and Tanzania. Or the local embassy.

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wild animals and open spaces in Tanzania