The national territory of Tanzania is covered for 32% with National Parks and protected areas. So, no wonder if the best safaris in the world can be booked here. And precisely in the city of Arusha, north east of the Country. Not far from Arusha, about 100 km west, the Tarangire National Park will welcome you with its incredible green lands and rivers.

Tarangire, in fact, is different from any other African landscape. Deserts and dry rocks almost do not exist here. You will find, instead, woods, grasslands, swamps and marshes for a very particular “green vision” of Africa. Discovering Tarangire National Park can be a unique and exciting experience. A journey to try, at least once in life.

About Tarangire

With 2.600 square km, the Tarangire National Park may not seem the largest one. But it is a part of the natural environment including also Manyara Lake, Natron Lake, Mt Kilimanjaro and the Masai Territories. It is the “greenest part” of this chain of protected natural areas, one of the most beautiful. It is named after the River Tarangire, one of the few African water streams never getting dry. Both animals and men, here, live thanks to the influence of this river on the territory.

Because River Tarangire is always rich in water, you can find animals along its shores all the time. Even during the dry season. This makes the park one of the best places for safaris in Africa. Animals come from the nearby regions just to find the refreshment of water, here. So tourists can admire them as they live, eat, hunt and run.

in Tarangire

What to see in Tarangire

The park develops along the banks of River Tarangire with woods, bush and grassy areas. Among the typical African trees, you will admire here: the Acacia Tortilis and forests of Bahobab trees. This is the place in Africa where you can see the highest number of Bahobabs ever. In the shade of these trees walk and live animals like: zebras, gazelles, buffalos, giraffes and elephants.

Of course gnous will never be lacking, and you will certainly see the big predators too. The hunting leopards and the lions are the main attractions of this park, but do not miss ostriches and flamingos! Each kind of animal has its particular place and time in Tarangire, so you better plan your safari according to what you will love to see. Buffalos and elephants love to stay in the muddy southern swamps, during the dry season. From July to November, pink flamingos rest on the shores of Lake Burunge.

Tourist information

The best period to discover Tarangire Park is from April to December. In the winter, the heavy rains and floods make it impossible to go on safaris. In April and May the weather is fine but there are few animals around. So you better plan your trip between June and Christmas time.

Safaris are quite expensive. The price goes from 800 to over 3000 Euros per person (which includes also transfers, food, lodge or camp room, guided tours). The city of reference for your stay is Arusha. Closer, but smaller, towns are Makuyuni and Madukani. The airport that serves the park is Kilimanjaro Airport.

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