A comfortable chair to travel safely and leave the fear of coronavirus infection behind.

Even before all the flights were closed, one question that everyone was asking each other was, “When can we start travelling again?”
We don’t have that answer yet, but a new question has arisen: “How will we travel?“.

In mid-April Emirates started the first pre-boarding serological tests on the ground to authorize the departure of passengers, studied to equip the staff with gowns, masks and visors, carriers are also studying how to stay on board respecting the social distancing for the safety and peace of mind of all passengers.

An Italian company called AvioInteriors, developed these new solutions to combine comfort, prevention and reduce the stress for the travellers.

The new armchair designed is called Janus, inspired by the bi-fronted Janus, the god of Ancient Rome.


travel after coronavirus pandemic flight project (2)


travel after coronavirus pandemic flight project (2)

In the three-seater seats of the aircraft, the central unit faces backwards to ensure maximum isolation between passengers seated next to each other, while maintaining the same comfort.

Passengers at the extremities, window side and corridor side, will remain in their usual position following the direction of flight. The seat also has a shield capable of separating and isolating one passenger from the other, a protective barrier that allows you to be isolated from people walking along the aisle of the aircraft.

Among Aviointeriors’ solutions for safe restarting after Covid there is also the
“Glassafe” kit.


travel after coronavirus pandemic flight project (2)

travel after coronavirus pandemic flight project (2)

The partition, made of transparent material to make the cabin harmonious, meets the objective of isolating each passenger by minimizing contact or interaction via air. It is available in various models and has a simple fixing system that adapts to any seat and can be installed and removed easily.

These are interesting solutions that can make us start thinking that the back to travel will not be so far, and for the loneliness lovers a new tool for travel much more comfortable.

Let’s hang up and soon we’ll start back travel!