Tswana is the tribe of the land of Bostwana while Setswana is name of the language they speak.

They use Setswana in everyday life ‘if you want to travel to Botswana why not pick up simple swana words that you can use when you travel their ‘. The main religion is Christianity, though these days the modern western culture lifestyle has been adapted by many African countries and little African culture in certain rural areas.

BOSTWANA, Meaning land of the tswana

BOSTWANA the land of tswana

Their traditional music is performed by tswana people during special occasions like weddings, feasts, initiation ceremony, using traditional instruments like; segaba which is similar to the violin, and the setikane  made of many forks and played like a keyboard. This type of fork music has been practiced for many years now from generation to generation till now.

setikane botswana musical instrument

segaba botswana music instrument

The cuisine of Botswana

Is similar to that of other southern African countries, a must try when you  travel to southern Africa.

Food include pap more like polenta, salted mash up meat, Mopane worms, watermelons are said to have originated in Botswana.

botswana cuine, botswana food

botswana cuine, botswana food 1

Traditional Marriages

Traditionally a man’s wife was selected for him by his family it was not love at first sight.

If he came from a wealthy family he could marry more than one wife.  A man would pay the bride’s family a bride before she become his wife called bogadi and only then could the children she bore be part of the man’s family after he has paid her bride price.

Is the wife failed to produce a child the families would replace her with one of her sisters from her family. The bogadi can be paid in form of cattle, money or anything valuable that both families agree on.
Botswana traditional marriage

But in today’s world these strong unfair rules of traditional marriages have reduced in Africa, a groom is free to pick the woman of his heart to marry, but the bride price system is still practiced even now in many countries in southern Africa. Due to education many people have learnt about modern ways and human rights.

Botswana is a must visit country in African friendly people that are welcoming and beautiful places to visit and many interesting traditional things to enjoy.

Thanks to our copywriter from Zambia.

evanna willima copywriter heart of africa

Evanna Chawa Willima, a 28 year old Zambian girl. Works in Safari camps in National Parks in Zambia.