Mana pools National Park in Zimbabwe take its name from a Zimbabwean shona world meaning “four” it refers to the four water pools that are formed by the Zambezi River.

When it comes to Zimbabwe tourism everyone talks about Hwange national park as the best national park, Mana pools is not really mentioned so many people have no knowledge about. In this article I have chosen to shade more light on Mana Pools national park.

Mana pools is 219 600 ha wildlife conservation area, it is near the Zambezi river, this attracts many wild animals searching for water. This makes it a great tourist attraction for game viewing in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe mana pools wildlife

Recently as a UNESCO world heritage site ( total of 676 600 ha) Mana pools was designated as Ramsar wetland of international importance 3rd January 2013.

Mana pools is located in the northern point of Zimbabwe along the border with Zambia.

Mana pools is a superb site and has a lot of wilderness and wonderful trees and small pools of water, given the chance I could live there.

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The park is home to many gentle beast called elephants, lions, leopard and the most sought after wild dogs that are said to be going extinct. And Mana pools is the only park in Zimbabwe to have the biggest concentration of hippos and crocodiles beautiful perfect wild life safari. In the dry seasons of March to October expect to see zebras, eland, waterbuck, baboons, and buffalo herds.

buffale in mana pools zimbabwe wildlife

Activities to be done in Mana pools national park

Not only game viewing in safari 4×4 jeeps, but also walking safaris many tourists prefer talking a walk in the wilderness with an experienced safari guide looking at animal foot trails and other little creatures close up like insects.

Walking safaris are usually best in the dry season.

Canoeing there is abundant water in the Zambezi river a canoe safari is considered  as one of the best ways of viewing wildlife that come to have a drink of water by the river banks. These safaris require a maximum number of three people per canoe and are done all year round on the Zambezi.

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It is said: ‘if you have never been to Africa then you have not traveled’

Thanks to our copywriter from Zambia.

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Evanna Chawa Willima, a 28 year old Zambian girl. Works in Safari camps in National Parks in Zambia.