Today I wanna talk about a new partnership that is born to promote the Hidden paradise of Lamu Archipelago.

A view from the sea of Lamu Town

The Lamu Archipelago is located in the Indian Ocean so close to the northern coast of Kenya, and the islands lie between the towns of Lamu and Kiunga.

The largest of the islands are Pate Island, Manda Island and Lamu Island. The archipelago is immersed in the Kiunga Marine National Reserve and will make you fall in love with this place.

African savannah in Kenya near Lamu town. Wild nature. Flora and fauna of Eastern Africa

Indian ocean beach near Lamu town in Kenya. Savannah. Wild nature. Eastern Africa

Lamu. Kenya. River and bay
Today the largest town in the archipelago is Lamu Town, on Lamu Island, and is a Unesco World Heritage Site.

The archipelago contains several archaeological and historical sites of great significance, and this makes it an important light on Swahili history and culture.


Which kind of partnership we started?

Many years ago I met with Hakim in Zanzibar. A wonderful guy from Lamu Archipelago and was my first contact with this about this hidden paradise and its magic stories.

In the following years, many cooperation were born:

Islander Helps;

Lamu Online TV;

Maskani Youth Initiative – MYi;

Lamu Holiday Solutions.

He developed many successful projects to promote this remote and not yet fully discovered place.

So now it’s Our turn to begin a partnership and start to help them to make the World know this beautiful paradise!

This is the first video of a long serie to help travellers to better know it.

If you want to stay update you can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.

This partnership will bring soon available new itineraries to Lamu and new itineraries to Kenya