Why we define ourselves not a common travel company?

“It’s easy to talk about Africa, it’s difficult to know it deeply, to enter into the African way, unless we’re undressing of our Western knowledge and, like a novice who learns, open up well our eyes and ears, and, above all, the heart, to rhythms, thoughts and completely new and unknown sensations. “

Heart of Africa Expedition, born from years of deep love for the African continent, and from the wish to broadcast emotions and sensations we feel every time we cross it.

Everybody has his own Africa… painted with different colours and shadows, developing from the way he lived it; yes, lived. Africa needs to be lived as listening a beautiful song with closed eyes, dancing without shoes, and get intoxicated by the feelings of every moment.

Africa can be the cure for every disease, or can become a prison, for who is scared about his fears.

During the years, we tried to interact with the Heart of Africa, and we built our vision.

The same Vision We want to Share with You.

The stories about the Black Continent, full of mystery and fascinating, are innumerable and not always with a good end. These brought to the born of wrong interpretations about this land, the interpretations we want to help to correct.

We’re here, happy to be in the Heart of the world, with the kindest people on Earth around us.

We’re sure that most of people will question why we decided to create a new System of travel plans.

The questions will be like these:

” Another travel company? There weren’t enough?”

“Why choose Heart of Africa

“Which are the differences?”

And so on…

However, yes, is all true. There are a lot of companies that daily offer a lot of travels, tour, experiences…

But we are different.

We’re not a common travel company.

Contact and read about us.

For now, we’re going to leave you with just this quote:

“Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing.

John D. Rockefeller